Heart of Milton Campaign

Heart Of Milton Fund Raising Campaign

Thank you to everyone who donated to the successful fund-raising campaign to fight the proposed Linden Homes housing development in the heart of Milton village. In total, the village raised £2622.50 in a very short time, including donations from local children. £1800 was used to pay two experts (hydrology and traffic) to fight the case against the proposals, which have now been refused by the Vale.


There remains a balance of £822.50. This will stay in the bank account for now (it may be needed to fight any possible future appeal). The fund-raising committee, with input from local residents, will review how best to use the remaining funds to benefit the village in a year's time.

Sarah Keogh and Zena Hoskins

Refusal Of Planning Permission

Application No : P16/V1665/FUL Application proposal, including any amendments : Erection of 46 dwellings with associated roads, parking, landscaping and public open space.

Vale of White Horse District Council hereby gives notice that planning permission is REFUSED for the carrying out of the development referred to above: Click to Access Full Decision Notice

Refusal Of Linden Homes Development


Email from Stuart Davenport Vale of the White Horse District Council Today I have been informed by the case officer (Adrian Butler) that he is minded to REFUSE application 16/V1665/FUL. This recommendation will not be made officially until Adrian returns from leave on the 12th September, however he communicated his intention to the applicant yesterday.

I understand the application will be rejected on several grounds: at least one of these grounds was raised as part of the work instructed by the village.

I know that many of you have put a great deal of time, effort and emotion into opposition of this application; I am delighted it seems to have been vindicated. I think the conduct of this village has been a real example of how to ensure a local "gut reaction" against a planning application can morph into provable reasons which demonstrate clear harm.

If you have any questions I can be contacted on Stuart.Davenport@whitehorsedc.gov.uk - I must thank the Heart of Milton for allowing my message to be circulated through to their mailing list.

Cllr Stuart Davenport
Drayton Ward (inc. Milton Village)
Vale of the White Horse District Council

Instructing Experts To Object To Linden Homes Development

After the parish meeting on Monday, the ojection group have provisionally identified a traffic expert and a flooding expert to instruct as expert witnesses to object to the development.  Now they need the community to donate the £6000 which is the current funding target.


The following statement is placed at their request.

We are in the process of setting up a website to allow people to donate and are waiting for the formalities to be completed so that it is up and running.  In the meantime, we can donate by giving a cheque made to “S Keogh” (and write on back:  Heart of Milton) or cash to Zena Hoskins at Serendipity, Old Moor, or to Sara Keogh at Chestnuts, Blackbird Lane.


If we can’t afford to give £6000 as a community, we need to take steps to raise the money very fast.  Here are some ideas of services we may be able to offer one another:  a lift to the station/airport/home from the pub, cleaning a car, dog sitting/walking, sorting out an internet problem, tidying a garden, putting up a shelf, taking a photo of a pet or child, giving a tennis lesson, doing a shopping trip, doing a load of ironing

I would like someone to deep clean my kitchen for an hour and will pay £20 to the fund for this.  Can anyone help?

I can offer the following:

• An hour’s meditation session at Stepstone house this Friday 29 July at Stepstone House, Old Moor at 4.00pm.  If you wish to attend, please email me on jillrkelly@aol.co.uk.  Suggested donation to fund:  £10
• An hour’s advice on an employment law issue.  Donation to fund:  £75
• Find out if you have food intolerances on an asyra photon resonance machine.  Suggested donation to fund:  £15
• Plug plant hellebores:  Suggested donation to fund:  50p each

Email: jillrkelly@aol.co.uk


The small print:

1. At a parish meeting on 25 July, parishioners volunteered to (a) coordinate the collection of funds to instruct an expert or experts to fight the Linden Homes planning application P16/V1665/FUL and (b) to find and instruct such expert or experts.  At the meeting, these volunteers were accepted for this role and are the Evidence Gathering Committee.
2. The Evidence Gathering Committee may co-opt other members or members may resign from time to time and references to the Evidence Gathering Committee are to its members from time to time.
3. The Evidence Gathering Committee has the mandate from this parish meeting to carry out its functions without further reference to members of the parish.  Its members are volunteers and have no personal liability in respect of carrying out their functions.
4. Funds collected by the Evidence Gathering Committee will be used for finding and instructing an expert or experts as above and for any ancillary costs connected with this.  This may include, but is without limitation:  publicity for raising funds and for the Heart of Milton campaign against planning application P16/V1665/FUL generally; administration costs.
5. If there are any funds raised which are not spent as above, the Evidence Gathering Committee will have full discretion to (a) retain them for use in any future village planning application issue or the process of developing and submitting a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the village; or (b) give them to a village fund or fund a village event or a development identified in the Community Led Plan or return some of them pro rata to those donors who can be identified; or to do a combination of these.

Special Meeting About Proposed Linden Homes Development

Date: Monday 25 July 2016 - Commences 7:30PM

Venue: Milton Methodist Church, High Street, Milton


An important opportunity for all Parishioners of Milton to inform the Parish Council of their views regarding the proposed development by Linden Homes for 46 houses on land off Old Moor and Pembroke Lane, access from the High Street.


10 August is the deadline for comments by individuals on the planning application P16/V1665/FUL.


The Parish Council have been given an extended deadline until 19 August for their comments.

Linden Homes Planning Application Submitted

Please see the attached link to the VOWH planning portal which shows Linden have now submitted an application.


No planning officer has yet been assigned to the case. Until an officer has been assigned you cannot lodge your response. So please keep checking the site.



The current target decision date is 27 September. The extract below from the VOWH planning webpage advises how to make a comment. We will be putting a case to the Vale but also need you to lodge your own response focusing on material planning considerations only. We already have over 200 names on a petition against the planned development.


You can comment online: search for the planning application by clicking here. If you know the reference number, type it in the search box near the top of this page. Once you have selected the relevant application click on the orange ‘comment now’ box which appears in the planning application details window. This will open the online comment form. The form will time out after 60 minutes - if you have lots of comments we suggest you draft them in your computer notepad and paste them into the form.
Or, e-mail comments to registration@southandvale.gov.uk
Or, send us a letter
Any letter, site notice or newspaper advertisement will set a deadline date for comments. If we received your comments after this date you may have missed the opportunity for us to consider your comments. We don't acknowledge or respond to comments directly, due to the high numbers we receive.

If many people share your view, you may wish to organise a petition. A petition should state the names, addresses and the objections/supporting comments of those signing it. It is better to have a short petition from residents who will be affected by the application than a long petition signed by people who live far away from the affected area and /or will not be affected by the proposal.

Types of comments

When we decide applications we can only take into account material planning considerations.

These include:

Loss of privacy
Loss of light
Car parking
Traffic generation
Noise and disturbance
Character of the area
Green Belt
Conservation Area
Design, appearance and layout
National and local policies
We cannot take into account:

Loss of value to a property
Loss of view
Personal disagreements
Boundary disputes
Commercial competition
Construction disturbance
Sunday trading
Matters controlled under other legislation such as the Building Regulations


Heart of Milton Action Group

linden homes

Land to the rear of and adjacent to 87 High Street

We (Linden Homes) understand that information is currently in circulation stating that Linden Homes has control of land outside the scope of the current proposals. With a wish to make sure the local community is accurately informed, we would like to clarify that this is not the case. The only land which falls in Linden Homes' control is that for which a planning application is currently being prepared for 46 new homes and which was displayed to the community at the recent consultation event.

Linden Homes is disappointed that despite its engagement with the community, false information continues to be circulated locally. If anyone requires further clarification on the position or any other aspect of the proposals, please contact the project team on 0808 1781 295.

Linden Homes Thames Valley

Milton Community Led Plan 

 There has been a lot happening since our article last month and an enormous amount of effort put into getting our message across — not that we are against housing but that the development proposed by Linden Homes at the heart of the village, is the wrong development in the wrong place, handled in a completely unacceptable way. In comparison, the Linden development at Beaker Place was an appropriate development, handled well and met no objections. The Campaign has attracted attention. Over 60 people attended the public meeting at the Manor Tea Rooms. Individuals have stoically turned out for the continuing weekly Friday protests (4-6pm). The petition is filling up. Meetings have now been arranged with the MD of MEPC. You have all received leaflets and guidance as to where to send and how best to raise concerns in a professional and non-personal way. This is not about vilifying individuals but making coherent points — if necessary agreeing to disagree - about a proposal which will impact hugely on the village and on which Milton should have and has a right to be heard. MEPC and Linden Homes make much of their community relations. It's a significant element of their marketing for success. So they shouldn't ignore the very community that is knocking at their door and has widespread and legitimate concerns about the impact any development on the proposed site would have.


These include, among others

• Flood risk and mitigation 
• Traffic and Parking 
• Sewerage (already an issue) 
• Impact on nature and general loss of "amenity value" 
• Pressures on local infrastructure (from schools to public transport) 
• Provision of affordable housing for local residents


Linden Homes Presentation

There was a good turn-out at the Linden Homes presentation on 20 April but disappointment that much of what had been discussed in individual 1-1 meetings had been overlooked. All presentation but little substance failed to dispel the thought that the development is a done deal. But that is exactly why we should maintain the momentum and are continuing to press for a structured dialogue. We reminded Linden Homes that the Parish Council has suggested a special Parish Council meeting with them present and an opportunity for parishioners to attend to put their views — but no date has yet been set for this. If any proposal is formally submitted for planning approval, we would expect to scrutinise it carefully and, if need be and there are legitimate grounds, to submit formal objections through the normal planning consultation process. There remains a chance that we can affect the outcome and we will continue to do all we can to make a difference.


Thank you from the Heart of Milton Campaign Group