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Memory Lane

Hopefully you will remember seeing an old photograph (c1970) of a terrace of cottages printed on the front page of July’s edition of Milton Matters? Well, for those who are interested, here’s a little more information to digest.


This terrace of 6 or 7 cottages was called Potash Cottages and stood on side of High Street just about where the car park for Milton Park Stores now stands. At that time the road south from Milton went passed these cottages, over a single cast-iron road bridge and then straight up Milton Hill and on to the Packhorse pub junction on the old A34 Trunk Road. The cottages were demolished sometime after 1970 owing to the expansion of Milton Park.


I was recently in conversation John and Iris Butters, of Tetarka Cottage, at the corner of High Street and Pembroke Lane, where they have lived since 1945! “Let me tell you something about those Potash Cottages” said John! “The Baldwin Family lived in the nearest cottage, then Bob Lodge, a bit of a village clown he was, and then the Newton family and then some famous jockey in the 4th cottage – I can’t remember his name though.”. More than that he couldn’t recall but additional names came from John Cannon, i.e. the Kimber and McCalden family and, oh, the jockey was Steve Lovell!


John also showed me some old photos of the village which he kindly allowed me to scan and include in this, and future issues, of Milton Matters; one of these photos is shown below:

Tetarka cottage high street milton oxfordshire ox14


This is a view of Tetarka Cottage prior to 1937, looking roughly North up High Street.
Things to note are ….
The iron railings are still in place to this day; no tarmac surface on High Street; a public water fountain on the grassy verge in the foreground and no large tree in the middle of the grassy triangle in front of the cottage. The current tree was planted in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of George VI, the father of our Queen; and lastly a beautiful glass veranda on the side of the cottage.

If anyone can add to what has been written here, or has any old photos of the village they would like to share, please email me, Paul Browning, via Milton Matters at

The History Of Milton

Miton's history is chaptered in two versions - one is compiled on Wikipedia no doubt by locals wishing to ensure that the village of Milton is mentioned in Wikipedia, which since it's in 2001 has grown rapidly into one of the largest reference websites, attracting 374 million unique visitors monthly as of September 2015.


The second was compiled by Lucy Davenport, a Milton resident. A person who's life never encompassed such words as Wikipedia, internet, computer or world wide web. Lucy was a resident of School Lane in Milton, and scribed her version in 1927. . . some 90 year past!

Milton In The Past

Images of Milton in day's gone by. Many thanks to Heather Grove and Marge Ferris for providing the orginal images - if you have any images of Milton in the past which you would like to include please click on the article for inclusion link in the right hand menu.Portfolio