proposals For Land rear & adjacent of 87 high street Milton

Submission Update Provided By Linden Homes

Application reference: P16/V1665/FUL
Since meeting with a number of residents at one-to­ one meetings and hosting a public exhibition in April, we have progressed our proposals for land to the rear of and adjacent to 87 High Street. With all technical and design work completed, a full planning application has now been submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council (VoWHDC).


This newsletter provides details on the submitted scheme for 46 new homes including an updated masterplan and key amendments that have been made following feedback from the local community.
With the application now lodged, there is a further chance for all interested parties to formally comment during VoWHDC's statutory consultation period. Further details about how you can comment on the application are included within this newsletter.


If you would like any further information about the submitted planning application or have any questions, please call the community freephone line on 0808 178 1295

The submitted scheme - a summary
· 46 new homes including a broad range of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties
· 40% affordable housing meaning 18 low cost homes will be provided
· A mix of house styles and types ranging from detached properties through to semi-detached and terraced style homes
· A new access road off the High Street
· A total of 130 parking spaces across the scheme to meet the needs of residents and visitors
· The retention and enhancement of the existing orchard as public open space
· Areas of public open space created in the south eastern corner of the site
· Pedestrian links across the site creating a network from the site to the village and to Milton Park.

Responding to local feedback - key scheme changes
Having considered feedback received following the one-to-one meetings with immediate neighbours and the public exhibition, a number of changes have been made to the proposed scheme.

· The proposed access point via Old Moor has been removed from the scheme. Access to all homes will now be solely via the High Street.
· Homes fronting Pembroke Lane have been moved further back into the site increasing separation distances with neighbours opposite.
· Plot 1 has been reorientated in order to address concerns expressed by the adjacent neighbour over impact on existing levels of amenity.
· The previously proposed footpath link from Pembroke Lane into and across the site has been removed.
· A landscape screen to be formed along the site's northern boundary, to respect privacy of adjoining properties.
· Landscaping along the southern and eastern borders to retain rural feel of Pembroke lane and Old Moor.
· Creation of additional flood storage on the site.

The proposed development seeks to respect the architectural style of the village.


The proposals predominately feature brick for the walls, clay and slate roof tiles and occasional details in timber weatherboard for gables and upper floor finishing.


The scale and form of the buildings are also in line with the village, with a variety of small and large building frontages and prominent gables.

Highways, access and parking
With regard to the scheme and associated highway matters, a Transport Statement has been completed in support of the application, which concludes:

· That in highway terms, local roads have the ability to accommodate the expected vehicle movements associated with the scheme
· The proposed access arrangements meet the necessary visibility requirements.


With regard to parking, the scheme includes:

· The provision of 111 dedicated parking spaces to meet the needs of residents
· The inclusion of a further 19 unallocated spaces to allow for visitors to the scheme

Drainage and flooding

In terms of drainage and flooding, which form the subject of separate reports as part of the planning application, it should be noted that:

· Surface water runoff, which will not exceed existing discharge rates, will be directed into a sealed permeable paving system subsequently draining into the Moor Ditch via a pipe connection. Unlike at present and as a result of the drainage strategy being employed, the rate
of discharge into Moor Ditch will be controlled helping to deliver a betterment to the current situation
· Additional flood storage has been created on site, which will provide a further betterment above the existing situation
· Foul sewage is to be discharged into the existing public sewer, which Thames Water has confirmed has sufficient capacity to accommodate the proposed development.

Further information and next steps

With the application lodged, there is now the opportunity to comment through the Council's own statutory consultation period.


You are able to comment on the submitted proposals by visiting VoWHDC's planning application register

( services-and-advice/planning-and-building/find-application/planning-application-register) and using the reference number on the front of this newsletter to find the application. Once the consultation period has closed, Council Officers will consider the proposals and a decision should be reached on the application in the autumn.


If you have any further questions about the planning application or would like to discuss them further, please call Matthew Turpin or Laura Taylor on 0808 178 1295.